Macarthur No interest Loans Scheme (NILS) is a form of microfinance which grants low income residents of Macarthur a loan of up to $1000 to purchase essential household goods. 




Macarthur Nils



Is operated by group of people, paid staff and dedicated volunteers, who work together to promote NILS in the Wollondilly, Camden and Campbelltown local government areas and to ensure the successful operation of Macarthur NILS.



It is a local project and works through the recycling of a pool of community money.  As each person repays their loan that money becomes available for new loans.




A Hand Up



The Macarthur No Interest Loan Scheme achieves in an extraordinary way its purpose. Those on low incomes who use this service are treated with personal dignity and supported in gaining a degree of financial control and empowerment in their lives. 



Jenny: Jenny borrowed money for a lawn mower and lawn edger. She regularly made repayments, which, as soon as they drew near to completion she began to increase the amount of money she paid back. “It’s so exciting seeing the amount of money I owe diminishing-I can do this,” she exclaimed.



Samantha: Samantha a 30yr old mother of four children borrowed money to replace her washing machine that had broken down 4 months previously.  She had been hand washing for all of them as she was not aware that Macarthur Nils®existed.  When she collected her cheque she was amazed that she was actually excited about  going home to do the washing.  She laughed as she said "Even the children want to help!"   




What Are The Loans For?Fridge, clothes dryer, dish washer



NILS loans are granted for purchasing new household items that will improve the quality of life or enhances someone's social and economic participation. Loans can be used for items such as whitegoods and furniture, medical equipment or home computers/laptops.



Loans of up to $1000 provide small finance loans that are available to people who meet our eligibility criteria.  For more information on eligibility critera click here or to submit a loan enquiry click here.

Macarthur Nils